If you are a keen gardener, then you are likely to accumulate a lot of grass cuttings, weeds, branches and general debris in your garden and getting rid of it is not as easy as it used to be. You can’t burn it off as the local council doesn’t allow that and so you need to find a way to remove all of it from your property. If you are a builder, it is important to keep the work area clear so accidents don’t happen and you, too, will need a method to dispose of old building materials. Some people have considered these situations and more, and have set up businesses to assist. They are skip hire businesses.

They offer the service of skip hire in Lewisham and they have been helping people in the area for a number of years. They offer a selection of skips and we will talk about some of them here today.

  • One of their more popular skips is what’s called the ‘mini-skip’ and it is fantastic because it holds so much and yet, is so small when you compare it to the other sizes available. Its size means that it can be placed almost anywhere.
  • For building projects, there are larger skips to choose from and for ease of use, they also have drop down sides so that you can just walk the discarded items right into it. This saves on heavy lifting.
  • The skips also come with a lockable lid and this is required to keep animals and people, commonly referred to as scavengers, out of the skip. They may hurt themselves and you will be liable for that.

For all your needs, give your local skip hire company a call. It is so easy to do and a phone call later and there is a skip at your location.