Many UK homeowners who are looking to add to their living space have opted for a loft conversion, and for good reason, as costs are very low when compared to a traditional bricks and mortar extension. The loft is that one space in the house that is not normally occupied, and as the roof and walls are already in place, a loft conversion in Portsmouth is very affordable.

Work Involved

Of course, every project is unique, yet the following are typically a part of a loft conversion:

  1. Flooring – Usually done with chipboard, the flooring is nailed directly onto the joists, and the existing loft insulation material is removed, as you now wish for the heat to rise into the loft.
  2. Cladding the Walls – Plywood is the material of choice, and the cladding would include the inner surface of the roof, as well as the four walls. If you have a hot water tank in your attic, this would be cladded in timber, leaving a small hatch door for maintenance, as would any piping that runs through the attic space.
  1. Skylights – At least two skylights need to be fitted to provide both natural lighting and ventilation (extractor fans also), and they should have openings for summer use.
  1. Drop Down Staircase – The existing access hatch would need to be made larger and a drop down staircase installed for easy access.

As mentioned, each project is unique, and the above would be likely aspects of the conversion, and if you would like to talk to a builder that specialises in loft conversions, search online with a business directory and you can ask suitable contractors to quote for the project.