One of the best ways to recycle scrap metal today is to contact your local scrap metal and recycling company. Not only does this method of recycling reduce waste, it also makes it possible for homeowners and business owners to get rid of waste more productively.

Popular Purchased Metals

To initiate this type of process, you need to contact a company, such as Sim Vic Scrap Metal. This type of service will buy the following metals:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Lead
  • Aluminium

Therefore, not only can you get rid of your scrap method, you can get paid for it.


One of the metals that is often sold is copper. You can tell a metal is copper because it exhibits a reddish-brown hue. Because of copper’s properties, it is used to conduct electricity and heat. Therefore, you will frequently find this metal in electronic products. Copper is often used as an alloy with other metals, such as gold, silver, or aluminium. You can sell this metal by the tonne.


Another popular metal is aluminium. This metal is considered both light and durable when alloys are added. Because it is three times lighter than a metal, such as iron, it can be used in a large variety of constructions. Whilst aluminium, alone, is not resilient, the addition or copper or iron will give it the needed strength to be used in a large number of manufacturing designs.

Get Rid of Excess Metal Now

Regardless of the metal you choose to sell, all of the metals are bought by the tonne. Check with a recycling centre about getting rid of any excess metal now.