Unlike the prom night, homecoming is usually more relaxed and informal. Yet, most ladies have a hard time finding the right dress for the special day. As the rule of thumb, you can go short with your homecoming outfit, and experimenting is easier.  In this post, we will talk about selecting between best homecoming dresses for 2018.

Solids vs. prints

Solids have been a traditional choice for homecoming outfits, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Think of sequins and textures using self-color embroidery and textures. You can work around with materials like lace, which look delicate but are effective for creating designs that matter. Prints, on the other hand, can be experimental, but keep in mind that every print is unique and may only suit certain shapes. Placement prints and floral are ideal choices.

Go back to the basics

First things first, consider your body type. If you are on the plus side, you need to more cautious as how the cuts and fabric fit your body. Secondly, don’t wear something that doesn’t feel comfortable. Keep in mind that you would be dancing and enjoying your time, so wearing something in the comfort zone is always better. As for the color, it largely depends on your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, go for colors like fuchsia or gold, while ladies with cool skin tine can go for blues and silver besides shades of green and lavender.

Two-piece vs. dresses

You can always go for a regular outfit, which is typically a dress, but a better alternative can be a two-piece outfit, which can add more charm to your look. The latter is an idea choice for young girls, who have the perfect body and want to flaunt it in style. With that said, there can be a few dos and don’ts for homecoming events, which you must bear in mind. If you don’t want a two-piece design, go for a dress that uses good cutouts or has the right a bit of style element in the shoulders or neck.

With homecoming outfits, you also need to consider if you would repeat it in the future. Get the fittings done in advance and buy the accessories in time. For homecoming, you can go a little experimental with the makeup and hair, so don’t shy away from trying something that seems less formal than a prom night. Check online now to buy the best dresses and outfits!