San Francisco, among the most famous and active cities across the United States, stands out from the rest. The town is a legendary metropolis in the broader Bay Area part of northern California. Moreover, San Francisco lives up to its name with a vibrant tech economy, thriving nightlife, a distinct cultural past, and never-ending options for amusement and pleasure. Stay tuned as Mark Roemer Oakland looks at things you should know about living in San Francisco.

Things To Know About Living In San Francisco

  1. San Francisco Is Expensive – If you intend to live in San Francisco, be prepared for a frequent price shock. Rent isn’t the only issue that is pricey; everything is. A one-bedroom rental in San Francisco costs $2,929, even though prices have fallen since last year. This implies that the average American worker, who makes $46,696 per year, will be priced out of a metropolis such as San Francisco.
  1. A Neighborhood for Everyone – Regardless of the high cost, the variety of its communities is among the most exciting aspects of living in San Francisco. If you have children, you may wish to live in a family-friendly neighborhood such as Noe Valley or Cole Valley. Furthermore, the Mission neighborhood is well-known among young technicians seeking lively cafés, eateries, and live entertainment. In addition, the Sunset Districts and Outer Richmond are close to the ocean, have lower rents, and have lovely ethnic cuisine.
  1. The Golden Gate Bridge – When you select an area on the town’s west and north, you can listen to the Golden Gate Bridge sing. This appears to be a strange high-pitched buzzing that we couldn’t place at first, like someone blowing through the top of a bottle. The phenomenon seems to occur because of heavy winds whenever air ripples from the bridge’s new walkway slats.
  1. Weather Can Be Tricky – Although you are in California, the temperature does not represent the state. San Francisco’s mean temperature is 60 F, so it is not quite sunny all year. Cool ocean currents and occasional fog keep the city cool most of the time. Take into account that certain areas are much more relaxed than others.
  1. Public Transportation In San Francisco

To travel around San Francisco, you do not require a vehicle. Using public transit will spare you both money and time. Consider the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system, which runs through Oakland to the East Bay. In addition, the Muni operates buses, streetcars, and an underground railway system. Residents also use the CalTrain to get from San Jose to the South Bay.

To use the public transit system, you must obtain a Clipper Card. Amidst all of its public transit choices, San Francisco is still deeply ingrained in automobile culture, but not as profoundly as Los Angeles.

  1. Food Scenes Are Amazing – Among the most excellent aspects of living in San Francisco is the variety of cuisine available. Whether you eat al fresco or order a takeaway, your food and beverage enjoyment in San Francisco will not disappoint you. Juicy and rich slices of bread smeared with nut butter, farm-to-table meals, and mission-style burritos are just a few of the numerous delicious options.

Moreover, San Franciscans also like brunches; the culture goes with lengthy lineups and no appointments. The city has everything from mixologist-made vodka cocktails with smoky crushed ice to robotics that perfectly create your hamburgers.


San Francisco is an excellent choice for working professionals, students, and anybody seeking west coast life with an urban flavor. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, despite the expensive rents, the lifestyle and culture are worth the expense. You will pay a higher price to live in San Francisco for a purpose. Moreover, you will not run out of activities to see and do, from intriguing cultural events to a fantastic restaurant scene to limitless outdoor adventures.