Bermuda Lawn is really a turf grass present with both United States and Australian homes, gardens and sporting fields.

Generally, there’s two (2) broad groups of turf that are Awesome Season grasses and Warm Season Grasses.

Awesome season grasses are individuals that grow like a single stem plant. Examples are rye grass and fescue grass.

Bermuda grass (also known as Couch turf around australia) is really a warm season turf species.

Warm season turf grasses are individuals that grow and propagate by a number of runners. These runners include above ground runners (stolons) or underground runners (rhizomes). Some warm season grasses (like Bermuda, Kikuyu, Zoysia, Durban and Seashore Paspalum) have both stolons and rhizomes. Others (for example St Augustine/Zoysia and Queensland Blue Couch) are characterised by getting stolons only.

Bermuda grass is globally known by its Scientific (or Latin) name as Cynodon dactylon.

Bermuda grass (like Kikuyu) is really a hard putting on turf grass that’s generally utilized in recreational and sports field situations. Its difficult putting on abilities are supported because bermuda turf is made with above ground runners (known as Stolons) and underground runners (known as Rhizomes).

When it comes to weed management, good Lawn Care contractors can control all weeds that emerge in Bermuda Lawns. Recent enhancements in selective herbicide products means it’s now easy to selectively remove all weeds in Bermuda grass.

Bermuda turf comes third after Durban and St Augustine grasses but in front of Kikuyu grass in being able to tolerate shade.