If you feel that the staircase in your home looks rather odd, it is possible to have a new one designed and built, and there are local staircase manufacturers in Bodmin who would be happy to undertake the project. It might seem like a major project to the untrained eye, but replacing a staircase is something a qualified joiner can comfortably handle, and he would start by discussing designs.

  • Staircase Designs – While you are limited to some degree by the existing staircase, there are some design choices that can be incorporated into the new design. It isn’t impossible, for example, to replace a standard staircase with a circular unit, with finely engraved balustrades, and the only way to find out the scope of design would be to invite a local joiner to assess the staircase. 
  • Reworking an Existing Staircase – Many homeowners want a slightly different style of staircase and this doesn’t always mean the entire thing has to be replaced. Leaving the main supports in place, it is possible to change the stairs and the balustrade, while leaving the main support intact. If you would like to explore the potential of a reworked staircase, search online for a local joinery specialist, and one that has extensive experience with staircase projects.

Replacing your staircase would certainly increase the value of the property, and after many years of added comfort, should you ever wish to sell up and move on, the staircase would be a major feature of your home.