Sandblasted surfaces come to life again. Whilst they may appear faded and dirty before they are sandblasted, they take on a whole new look that makes them appear new again after their surfaces receive this type of abrasive treatment.

Sandblasting in Perth, WA is a method where sand is forcefully propelled so that it actually cleans a surface. This same process can also be used to create designs, words, or patterns by marking a surface. In either case, the preparation makes it possible for workers to apply protective paints or coatings.

Some of the Media That Is Used

Whilst sand was used to a large degree at one time, blasted materials today may be prepared with other media besides sand. That is because inhaling sand can lead to a condition known as silicosis, which is a type of lung disease. Therefore, sand may be replaced with any type of uniform, micro particle. Instead of using sand, blasters may use substances such as coconut shells, abrasives that come in powder form, copper slag, and steel grit.

Safety gear must also be worn when using these materials to blast materials. Workers must wear the gear and work in a space with the proper ventilation in place. A quality blaster usually uses a steel grit as it is designed for fast and efficient removal of contaminants from metal surfaces. The grit, which is softer than aluminium oxide, is less likely to become fractured. It provides excellent adhesive qualities for coatings and paints.

All Types of Surfaces Can Benefit From Abrasive Blasting

When surfaces are sandblasted, they are prepared for coatings in one of various venues. Not only are walls and bridges prepared but so are large pieces of equipment. Some of the items are prepared in large, spacious rooms that can easily accommodate the largest pieces of equipment. Whether the work is done onsite or off-site, workers can manoeuvre any size items that need painting.

You will find sandblasted surfaces in the mining industry, in the transport field, and in fields that use tanks and structural steel. A wide range of blasting solutions are featured for both domestic and industrial needs.

One alternative to the traditional use of sand is soda blasting. This option is guaranteed as it won’t damage underlying substrates, thereby making it an ideal solution for more fragile surfaces. Soda blasting is used for stripping paint from brickwork, concrete, bitumen, glass, wood, and brickwork. You can also use this blasting method to degrease an engine.

When steel blasting is used, it is usually done so protective coatings can be applied in the construction industry. Blasting is also helpful when preparing render so a new finish can be applied. The use of blasting is also helpful when preparing wood. By using the technique, most timber surfaces look as good as new.