Wood flooring and laminated floors are difficult to differentiate and could be quite deceitful for that casual viewer. It is just by touching or analyzing carefully when you’ll be able to differentiate backward and forward. These two flooring options their very own benefits and drawbacks, still both of them are very popular and revel in a proper share of the market in their own personal capacities.

Listed here are a couple of differentiating characteristics that might assist you in making a decision regarding which of these two would be perfect for your flooring needs.

Life Time

Wood floors compared to Laminated Floors possess a longer life time. A correctly installed wooden floor preferably made by an experienced hardwood floors installer may last for ages. Whereas laminated floors possess a relatively short life time and have a tendency to get rid of their original hue and color with time.


When compared with wooden floors laminated floors are simpler to set up or even a homeowner with a few experience with woodworking will have a good go in internet marketing. However, installing wood flooring might be a challenging proposition even which are more passionate do-it-yourselfer. So it’s recommended that you leave their installation to the help of a hardwood floors installer.


Laminated floors lack ale being reconditioned after they achieve the finish of the helpful existence, and can’t be elevated to their original form. Therefore the only possible alternative left would be to replace all of them with brand new ones. Wood flooring if maintained correctly last considerably longer before they require any re-conditioning, and when needed a great hardwood floors installer can certainly treat these to be like new.


Lamination floor goods are comparatively cost under wooden floors and a few characteristics start as little as under 1$ per sq . ft .. So for that budget sensitive these floors will be a better option.

Choice in fashion Design and Color

With regards to the plethora of style design and color laminated floors come with an upper hands when compared with timber floors. Laminated floors come in a number of variations, designs and color shades providing you with a lot more freedom of preference and residential décor options. Timber floors though restricted to some classic designs and color tones could be refinished to a new color tone or design by a specialist hardwood floors installer.