Whether you are eager to demonstrate your culinary prowess or excited to share a brand new board game, welcoming friends and family into your home is one of the most rewarding activities. And, while such an event is easily arranged with only a few messages or phone calls, ensuring your guests are comfortable and happy requires quite a bit of consideration, much of which comes from your home’s interior design.

Certain designs are advantageous for hosting guests. They make a room feel spacious, encouraging people to focus on each other, and naturally steer them toward certain areas. Conversely, certain designs can leave guests feeling awkward or distracted. To help you discern what works from what doesn’t, we’ve collected the most popular advice discussing home design that is brilliant for guests.

Dedicate a Space

Ask yourself, where will my guests socialise? Are you hoping to host them around a dinner table, a kitchen island, or around a coffee table? It is important to first identify your intended guest space because it will allow you to arrange your home to guide guests into the right space. If a clearly defined space isn’t chosen, there is potential for guests to feel uncertain about exactly where to sit or stand.

Off-limits areas can be closed behind doors and obscured in darkness, while open spaces can be illuminated and with obvious seating arrangements. The same applies to garden parties or those gatherings inside back garden log cabins; choose your space and make it welcoming, naturally steering guests into it.


Tidiness may seem like an obvious endeavour. Few people want to welcome others into a messy home. However, decluttering goes much further. Guests are prone to feel distracted by items, unsure of what to do in a new space, and if your home is full of trinkets and furniture then guests will take longer to feel comfortable. As such, it is recommended that you keep areas clear, allowing newcomers to assimilate into a space more easily.

Create Warmth

Cold, harsh lighting tends to feel sterile and, while it can be brilliant for practical reasons, if you are hoping for guests to feel calm and relaxed, it is a great idea to instal alternative lighting. This can be a string of fairy lights, a floor lamp with a warm bulb, or even candles.

Warmth also occurs in other ways. Temperature and aesthetics also influence a guest’s mood, which is why having a space designed with cosy designs, soft colours, and relaxing vibes can make your home the perfect place to put your feet up.

A Private Place

If your guests are staying the night, then they will greatly appreciate having their own bedroom. Even more so, they will appreciate a private bedroom, one that allows them to feel independent. Small assets, such as towels, snacks, and toiletries go a long way in preventing guests from feeling like they need to impose.

Furthermore, having a private place to retire to generally encourages a feeling of safety, allowing guests to feel like they have a dedicated space that isn’t under a host’s feet.